Do you know someone who'd be perfect for that job, that project, or that team? karmaPond is about providing a solid connection for the people you know and trust in your network by sharing career opportunities and helping them make a connection with a company insider or expert. The person you help today may be the friend (or friend of a friend) that helps you tomorrow!

What our members say...

I enjoy helping others when I can. One of the challenges is knowing when people need help. karmaPond offers the opportunity to bridge that connection without me trying to keep abreast of the opportunities available and who I might help when the time is right. It pleases me to know I've been able to help others real-time, when needed. karmaPond also connected me to a resource when I needed it. I suppose that is the point of good karma.
- Drew B.
As a career coach, I know that the best jobs are always found through personal contacts. But when I was actually looking for a job, I discovered for myself what an effective job karmaPond does in personally connecting job seekers to the right connections. It put me in touch with helpful insiders at companies I was targeting. KarmaPond puts the human touch back into online job search.
- Jeff J.